Ra Hemp Indica Tincture *Old Batch- Low Price*

Ra Hemp Indica Tincture *Old Batch- Low Price*

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This is an older batch tincture with lower potency than our current formulation. 185mg CBD

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A hemp only tincture extracted using a slow, cold-process method practiced by herbalists for a thousand years, with organic sugar cane alcohol and organically grown indica hemp - then expertly combine with vegetable glycerin.

This is a potent, citrus-flavored tincture made of Oregon grown hemp, blended for its amazingly high CBD content. Great for those who may have sensitivities to other herbs.

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin and organic cane alcohol infused with Oregon grown Indica Hemp, and d-limonene.

WARNINGHemp may contain trace amounts of other cannabinoids including THC
PLEASE NOTE: Sun God Medicinals and it's associates make no claims or guarantees using hemp products will result in a passed drug test. Use at your own risk.